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Photo by @philipwoolridge #liveauthentic

Winston Chmielinski
Low To The Ground, 2013


I don’t care that you got into drugs for three months straight, or how much sleep you lost in that period. I don’t care that you went home and fucked that person and woke up at 6am hating everything about yourself, or that you smoked so much you sounded as though your lungs were giving out.

You’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness.

You’re just human, and being human means you need to survive and you do so whichever way you deem fit, fuck everyone else.


- HE. (via stayygone)

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mostly nature

mostly nature

Andrew McCallum (1821-1904), The River of Life: Death - 1850

i took this in verona the morning after the arctic monkeys concert and everything was silent and still and i remember thinking that i would have given anything for the world to stay this way 


"For reasons unexplained, every person in the world is born with a large gaping hole in the center of their chest…while not uncomfortable, it is widely considered unsightly, and pretty much everyone tries to fill it with something…some people fill it with religion, others just buy a bunch of stuff, and some even fill it with other folks…I left mine alone, though, because I found out if you run against the wind at just the right angle, it makes a whistling noise."

- Aaron Diaz, The Distinctly Essential Dresden Codak Primer  (via funkypoolparty)

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